So HERE is a zip with 7 meshes and a recolor for each, for any who wanted to play and edit the meshes before I do an official release.

No of these have working morphs and are only for adult males. if Anyone adds morphs or age converts- or makes any LBB, hero for life.

They are:

AM alpharobe = Full length loose alpha over a male nude base body.
AM perfect tunic = First shown tunic- mid-thigh length, original sleeves, blockfeet
AM perfecttunic-sexyfeet = Same, only with duh! sexyfeet
AM perfecttunic-poulainesfittedsleeves = my new sleeves, which aren't perfectly meshed and poulain shoes*
AM perfecttunic-robinhoodshoes = same as above only with the little cuffed boots from the Robin Hood mesh
AM shorttunic-robinhoodshoes = found older mesh I made long time ago- tunic is shorter, sleeves plain, shoes from that RHmesh
AM shorttunic-fittedsleevespoulaines = shorter length tunic version of mesh 4

*Also with the issue of the arms too far out, this one needs to be redone anyway.

Once the tunics are in better condition I have the recoloring template ready to go to switch out lengths and details and shoes to easily churn out a million recolors.


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