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( Jul. 17th, 2012 10:08 am)

This is [personal profile] heget, also known as the 'Crazy Squirrel Lady' at The Keep, which is about the only other Sims site I post at - and do so with an alarming frequency. If nothing else, you can almost always contact me in the chat box. This is a Sims journal, where I'll rarely post any personal or non-Sims related posts. The space here is so I can cross-link my creations for the Sims game somewhere besides my favorite forum, go into more depth about what I'm working on for my game and how I'm setting it up, and because all the cool kids do it.

A Little More About Myself and My Plans for This Journal )

TOU: I'm making everything for fun, not profit. I beg and borrow from other creators, so I have no problem with others taking my creations and modifying them for their own purposes. If that was a problem for me I wouldn't have put it up on the internet.

Also, for the legalese: "This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved."

I do ask that you give at least some form of credit.
Don't ask for money from anything. It's against my policy and against the company policy.

I'll be adding links here as I post them from the Keep to this journal. Most of the posts are going to be word for word what I've uploaded at the forum, because hey, I've already went through the trouble of explaining the downloads and I can only be so clever and sarcastic and informative before I wear myself out. 

I'll make a proper Index page one of these days, but until then tags are your friend. Or one thing I at least keep those up-to-date.

You can also find a list of all my downloads here.

And because, sheesh, 100 hair files take a lot of space and Mediafire is not the greatest service provider, here's my dropbox referral link for kicks. Free storage.

The name 'heget' is my Sims' handle (and yes, I do type it lower-cased).

ON tumblr nowadays often - can reach me at heget's tumblr.
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( Jul. 23rd, 2016 08:20 am)
This is only a back-up blog platform right now, to any and all who have found this via the tumblr meme. There's a possibility in the near future I'll cross-post tumblr content here (probably the fics, maybe the sigils and some other posts). At which point I'll likely have to set up a community/sideblog that is the Sims 2 stuff and move most of these posts to it -which will probably have 'hegetsims2stuff' or 'squirrelwrangler' as a title.

Silmarillion Sigils and Summaries

Warning, I have to talk a little about the characters themselves. The majority of these designs were made with an individual character in mind, and together I can comply a large-scale 3-dimentional family tree. But for the most part I'll try to be succinct, and I have helpful GIFs and other images. Some of this should be logical. The thing is, I know all the characters names and what sigils go with whom. But despite my labeling of every file by number and name, most people wouldn't know Finrod from Elmo. And I also apologize that some of these characters have very similar names- and that some of the sigils naturally have to look very similar.

A Note on How Content is Divided: If you want to get everything on the simplest of terms, Grab the meshes from the first post and then scroll down to the last posts where I break everything up by sets according to the object. However, if you only want a few of the wall hangings and rugs by pattern as you look through all the swatches I'm covering, there will be links under each 'family' of all the matching banners and sigils.
Thus, if you want to download that way, HERE are all the necessary meshes, minus the elven banner set from right above (and the one recolor set is of a Nightlife mesh, so can't package that up anyway).

So, here is the default image of the elven banner meshes. For all other meshes it is just another recolor file...

:banner:Luthien 02
Now for each possible recolor pattern I'm showing how it applies to three different meshes. The one on the left is from psychosims' flag set, which is a large reposited set and my direct inspiration for the elven banners. That set has free standing and wall banners from one story to two story, banners that hang perpendicular to the wall, and even a tiny desk size. However the mesh does not work well with the sigils, so for that recolor set I'm only taking the banner part of the elven banner recolors and applying to the mesh. On the right is the elven banner, with its two subsets of sigil and banner. In the center is a recolor of a SDA medieval tapestry. This one is Tapisserie2x1, and combines both the sigil and the banner. There is also a long rectangluar two-tile SDA tapestry that I recolored just the 'banner', so it looks similar to the psychosim set of recolors. The only exceptions I will point out as I get to them.

As for the design- I call this one luthien02 because the author made two complete different but equally valid heraldric motifs for the character Lúthien. As she is a rather important elven princess, we allow it. Now the design itself is rather complex- though you'll notice it fits inside a circle (female) and it is perfectly symmetrical if mirrored horizontally or vertically. The colors are very bright, and I used them to make the banner. The white flowers are thematically linked to her, so they pop up often.

The reason I chose this sigil as the default was simply because it was the prettiest and most elaborate of the sigils I had at the time, plus of the numerous Silmarillion editions, the most common picture to put on the covers is a rendition of this sigil.

I made notes of whenever the design you are looking at is an honest-to-goodness "Tolkien Original". Most aren't. This one, obvious, was.

The rest of the recolors for the Ainur and the Vanyar are behind here )

I guess I can call this a late Anniversary Gift.

:banner: Silmarillion Sigils: heget's Heraldry Sets :banner:
banners, rugs, thrones, signs, and other assorted sigils and flags

Thumbnail Image

This probably qualifies for my ultimate form of fannish obsession and organization for my themed hood. I explained out these sigils and the Sims projects I was working on attached to them in the previous 
here, so I'm going to repeat myself a lot.
All the rest of the information, pictures, and downloads after the cut )
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( Feb. 17th, 2013 05:29 pm)
I'll probably soon start posting sections of this... 40 page typed in Word right now and I'm not close to finished...whatever it really is. Now should I bump up the number of pictures, even if it's just pieces of fan art, or anyone going to bother reading a lot of sometimes snarky or informative but mostly heget summarizing and blabbering without a picture every two paragraphs? And I apologize for the lack of Sims or in-game pictures, but the point of this really is to get everything off my chest before I start making it for the game.

Warning: Lots of pics and a long post!
Also if you downloaded this at Plumbbob keep, I have fixed the cow recolors (a few pixels of the larger horn were still visible on non-horned recolors and two of the files only had the default texture. D'ouh!)

Thumbnail Image

How may cow puns can heget sneak in? )
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( Jan. 29th, 2013 05:45 pm)
Oh, look, finally getting notices in my email that several of my files - all Sims content- some of it like my kareoke machine have absolutely no connection to a name of any song or tv show nor 'sexyfeet' nor another pay site nor..you know what? I don't care. Mediafire, I've decided to stop using you anyway. Your service wasn't all that great to begin with and the crap these last few weeks, I'm not even bothering with a ticket because I don't care. Moving all my stuff to box.net even if I have to make multiple accounts (will probably need one just for all the hairs). I'm out of bandwidth right now, so my links won't work until the first, but at least I have a reasonable expectation that they will. That mediafire account can just die all that quicker.

On the other side of things, revamping and typing out my world-building post. It will be long. I will try to include links and pictures. I will snark, and go into fannish detail. I will also hint out what my projects of the to-do lists will be thanks to these.
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( Jan. 27th, 2013 01:44 pm)

Here is the updated version of the WIP list of elf heraldry. Next time I use that tag it will be because I'm posting actual Sim conent with those suckers.

I can't even count how many designs and devices I have as of now. And if there's any requests, make them now.
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( Jan. 27th, 2013 08:23 am)
Sweet Jesus, weep into you oatmeal.

Heget decided sleep was an effort not worth taking and started some tiny projects.

Like more shifts- of which I'm asking for input. Because the voice of reason and restraint untied the ropes and escaped from the locked room it's stuffed into whenever I start a Sims project.
I already made, on two different meshes, long sleeved and fancy for a given value of no non-period ruffles or constarcting ribbonwork (and how I desire to make some w/ blackwork embroidery!). So there are two more sleeve lengths of shifts to go under kirtles (changeling has the elbow-length done). And yes, for the most part I'm using my texture because: a. No boob shading does make the child size easy b. Hat's shifts have the deep keyhole and a print or some sort of patterned weave to the linen. Thus I can excuse having multiple sets when they differ. (And the wide round neckline looks more coordinated for the early Renaissance high-waisted, wide shalllow neck gowns).

So. 2 styles- a short sleeve (about T-shirt length, really) to which the detachable sleeves can be pinned. Or something like here - a sleeveless with straps and gathering (band? drawstring? what?) under the breasts.

They're on the same mesh- which has Teen and Child conversions, yay! So, okay looking? Do I make both sets? Am I fooling anyone? (Stop giving yourself work.)

Also, Hat- how's this so far?

I got really bored, thought, "Okay, see how easy those easy fixes would be..." I think the one side still could be raised a tad more to symmetrical it out, and more I look at it the more the lack of the tie loops bugs me. But drat you. Now I'm going to have to learn how to make a custom hair mesh package & resize this for all the ages. You know I can blame you for downloading a copy of Milkshape in the first place? Cow recolors.

Speaking of which, note to self. Photograph the complete set of cow coat recolors and post that set to this journal too. 

Also, close to done....ish on heraldry project.
First up- the shifts I made as part of Secret Santa:


I like to call these my loose winter shifts.


Then the toddler age in even more colors (only 89. I recounted.) And at the time I made time there was only the mesh with shoes -and these are about as fancy as everyday toddler smocks need to be anyway for most families- so all the shoes are the brown leather. There is a SF version out now, so *jazz hands* Yay~ More project *jazz hands*....

For preview, see the title cards for all the latest rocking animals. or here:



Amaryll's long summer dress, with its flats and a loose dress with an empire waist with a thick band under the breasts makes the near-perfect burgundian gown. Okay, the cuffs would be handpainted, and the skirt of the dress is (for a medieval lady) short, so no long trains, but I thought it an excellent pre-made mesh. And Cynnix did Sexyfeet versions for adult and teen, so usefulness doubled.

I reworked the smocked shifts to fit the mesh, and also shortened up the sleeves because I could and this looked more summer-y anyway. Plus now I can tell my Calaquendi elves from my Moriquendi because even in their underwear the costume silhouette is different.

Note: I noticed only when mocking up the preview that the adult file for the 'silver' recolor is actually a second 'mailbomb'- but the teen silver recolor is correct. Anyways, I really should texture reference the adults and teens for boths shift styles because they are exactly the same. But this error is why I'm not doing a general realease yet for the Smocked Shifts, 2.0.

Men's Tunics:

First off assuming you have the first two meshes and their teen conversions from the 18th century dump. They are the longer tunic length (01), with straight sleeves (01). Fitted sleeves and the shorter length shall be called 02. We can label these as such: 

  • Tunic 01, Sleeve 01, Blockfeet - AM
  • Tunic 01, Sleeve 01, Blockfeet - TM
  • Tunic 01, Sleeve 01, Sexyfeet - AM
  • Tunic 01, Sleeve 01, Sexyfeet - TM

Also in this handy zip shall be

  • Tunic 01, Sleeve 02, Poulaines - AM (still has that annoying hand issue where it looks like it was set on the fatmorph)
  • Tunic 01, Sleeve 02, Poulaines - TM
  • Tunic 01, Sleeve 02, Robin Hood boots- AM
  • Tunic 01, Sleeve 02, Robin Hood boots- TM
  • Tunic 02, Sleeve 01, Robin Hood boots - AM
  • Tunic 02, Sleeve 01, Robin Hood boots - TM
  • Tunic 02, Sleeve 02, Poulaines - AM
  • Tunic 02, Sleeve 02, Poulaines - TM


  • Tunic 02, Sleeve- Modified Romeo, Poulaines - AM (no morphs yet)

The textures are all very basic- the folds at the seems still need to be fixed, only the rudimentary start of detailing, etc... The shoes I didn't change the UV mapping and the tunic bodies stay the same (you just crop up a bit on the alpha of your texture layers when switching from the longer to shorter tunic). We don't have every combination yet (other projects are stealing the priorities).


And yes, anyone wanting to jump in the bandwagon or grab some pre-release, that's allowed. ;)
Quick note:

  • First- I am going back and editing the massive WIP list of elf heraldry each time I make more of the missing sigils, also adding pictures of the flag element designs, which are important because they tell me roughly what heraldry design/color combination goes on clothing and extra objects. I'm almost done filling the gaps for the First Age (squee)! So for any that care, make sure to check back with that post regularly.

  • Second- I'm firing up Bodyshop to run off some quick pictures of clothing and then doing to upload some quick and dirty links to my everyone gets plenty of shifts and the perfect tunic projects for Almighty Hat because I am evil and want to rope her into making millions of clothes. Or maybe it's the other way around? I'm not sure which one of our obsessions is the main trunk and which is the feeder branch at this point. But I also need the distraction before I make a tumblr account just to explain why so-and-so character is a million times better....

Okay, so heget's massive elf heraldry project is inching closer to phase one done (and I want to get as few phases in the process as possible).
In fact, now it is closer to "Actual Downloads" Stage. Which will have its own post. Because this is monstrous-long.

Severe Warning. Going to ramble, get technical, and have far too few pictures in ratio to the text. Then far too many pictures and still too much text )
So I just inflicted on my poor Reading List the overload of Rococo Sims clothing.

You're welcome.

The next round of things will probably be more objects and object recolors. I'm not about to start uploading all the hairs just yet.

"Insanity in the Age of Reason"
Heget's Charmingly Massive 18th Century Clothing Sets
Warning, long posts incoming!

Okay, I uploaded here almost everything from the Keep that was part of the biggest set I've done so far. Or maybe those 100 hairs... Either way, this is a whole hood's worth of clothing. I'm saving you some of the long rambling superfluous biographical info, but I will repeat my spiel on why this set even exists:

Read On for Some Explanations and GIFs )

Unless noted otherwise all recolors will come in 32 randomly selected shades as shown below. This is a massive set that started of as way to dress my Ainur, so I chose colors that fit with the power set or themes.


In order:

vanilla, beige, steel, moonstone, bluebell, aubergine, rust, tomato
maple, bullfinch, seashell, terracotta, comburent, custard, retro sage, green olive
emerald, herb garden, verdigris, cove, kingfisher, retro blue, forget-me-not, adonis
ocean, denim, french navy, deep olive, chestnut, gunmetal, bitter chocolate, flashpowder

21 sets of clothing, listed below, split into the following posts:
Set 1: No Shoes, No Shirt, and I Still Get Service
Set 2: Found My Shoes, Highwayman Stole the Shirt
Set 3: Shoes Plus Shirt Equal a Little More Dignity
Set 4: Tie a Cravat 'Round It

Set 5: A Vested Interest in Comfort
Set 6: Boys, Suit Up! We Have Tea to Dump
Set 7: Slept Through the Seven Years War
Set 8: Bach Sets His Alarm to Sleepers Wake
Set 9: Oppa Georgian Style
Set 10: Most Aren't Mozart
Set 11: Pompadour and Circumstance
Set 12: This is the Way the Ladies Ride
Set 13: Versailles Zoning Permit

Set 14: Definitely Not the Dauphine
Set 15: Letters From Braintree
Set 16: Petit Trianon

Set 17: Shift in Mood
Set 18: Rococo De-Robed
Set 19: Stay in the Age of Reason

Set 20: Operation Petticoat
Set 21: Pompadour Parade

Bonus Object Recolor

Thumbnail Image

Gallery of the Silly, Vaguely In-Character, and We Just Want to See More Clothing, Get On With It )
Foppish Founding Fathers
Sets 1 through 10
Thumbnail Image


I hate working with meshes where the jacket was obviously built off the MAXIS pirate coat and boots mesh- because with that mapping around the front edges of the jacket lining trim for it is a nightmare for me. But Lidiquinata and Besen and Sussi before her did make some nice meshes for both adult and teen, so I do have and use them. However, I thought of a better way (at least for me) to build the jacket via alphas. And another personal tick when making clothing is that if the outfit would be something worn in layers, I like using the various stages when sensible as the different categories. What do I mean by that?

Using my new mesh I made 32 colors of a simple 18th century suit complete with matching jacket, waistcoat, and breeches over a white underskirt and stockings. The suit works as both everyday, formalwear, and outerwear. Yet to remove the jacket and leave the waistcoat creates a more informal and indoor look. (The fact that my male Sims never took their coats off looked a bit weird whenever I played.) Remove the waistcoat and now it is not only an informal everyday outfit but good for active-wear. Once I was down to 'shoes, stockings, pants, but no shirt' I needed a new mesh that was the nude top paired with Lidi's bottoms.

Trust me, all will become clear in the next few posts.


Set 1:
No Shoes, No Shirt, and I Still Get Service )


Set 2:
Found My Shoes, Highwayman Stole the Shirt )


Set 3:
Shoes Plus Shirt Equal a Little More Dignity )


Set 4:
Tie a Cravat 'Round It )